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I existed before. I’ll exist after.
A Six Word Story on Moving On by freethepoets (via freethepoets)

Feel like it’s gonna be such a long week and it’s only Monday! I swear all I wanna do is sleep, that’s an issue

3. I haven’t fallen. Yours is the city of dreams broken like stars on the sidewalk reflecting neon signs and pretending to shine as though their imaginary clarity will redeem them.
10 Reasons You and I Don’t Fit, Jollin Tan (via vapourise)


"The View II" - New York City 2013

I really got a lot of great feedback on “The View”, which was taken at the Rockefeller Center in New York (apparently). I really like this shot and thought it deserves a second spot on my stream after some overhauling. The original version had it’s color treatment, this one is more dramatic. I hope you like it. 

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I’m done, just felt like I had to get that out. No one follows me on here anyway.

Tyler is honestly my greatest inspiration and no one will ever understand that. Why I’m such a big fan or why I’m so serious when it comes to him. He’s more than an artist, just his personality in general is beautiful. How passionate he is with his craft and the message he puts across, and he’s always been the same beautiful person. I can relate so much cause of his dad issues and the way he was treated as an adolescent and it just connects me to him in more ways than one. I’m not just a thirsty fan or some wanna be wife of his. I am a damaged girl that learned to live my life with no regrets and no concerns about others opinions because of him. So when I say I love you T, I passionately and genuinely mean every last word.

I’ve been watching a whole bunch of documentaries too like of just powerful women and it makes me wanna be a better me for me. I’m back in the gym trying to find love within myself all over again and ya know I have to be realistic. Some days I’m awesome and some days I’m sad and others I spend wondering why people drag me through the dirt but then I realize that I am a powerful woman that will overcome all the obstacles thrown at me and I do love me, a lot, just need a little time.